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Redefining Higher Education with Blended Learning

  • By admin
  • Jan 21, 2021

With Covid-19 hitting the world and casting its impact in every corner of the world, it has certainly affected the education sector to a great extent. A field that has always been known for its strict adherence to the established regulations now stands mid-way. Education has always been the strongest pillar of our society when it comes to the proper conduct of its operations.

Since the shutting of CBSE schools in Hyderabad and universities proposed a huge hurdle in front of everyone, multiple alternatives have been devised with an aim of reaching out to each student and opening up the path for his learning. Every student could successfully continue their learning, virtually. Online mode of education comes with a lot of advantages to offer including a proper record of lectures, digitized work submissions, and online examinations. It is to take schools to all the homes and make the knowledge readily available to everyone. The way this change has been considered by each individual differs invariably. Each child is unique and his perspectives towards varying methods are best catered by his teachers. With the education taken over to the internet, the personal human touch has somewhere gotten lost. One of the biggest disadvantages of online classes is students feeling misled and confused.

As rightly quoted by Benjamin Franklin, “ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.“ Education serves a sense of empowerment and makes a person self-reliant in his approach. With the studies being taken over online learning platforms solely, students no longer hold their inquisitive mindset in learning.

As we move forward, a constructive solution that should be viable in the long run would be the concept of Blended Learning. This refers to a perfect amalgamation of both the traditional style of teaching and the digital way of learning. In the coming times, a blended approach to education is sure to serve the students with their choice of subjects. This indicates that schools should function with changes made in their systems to consider both forms of learning. This may also ignite a shift in the roles of teachers who earlier were the whole and sole accountable for the complete learning of the student. With time, the role of teachers will tend to reduce and they would assist more and teach less since most of the theoretical teachings could be done online with ease.

An eloquent model is developed where each child is able to learn. This becomes all the more important when it comes to higher education. Such study phases require more attention. This generation, being extremely evolved with technology, relates to the online mode of education and tends to find comfort in them but also places its need for one-on-one connectivity for the classroom experience. A successful and effective study model can be built if we smoothly integrate both these platforms and collaborate in a structured manner. This might include learning concepts online and reaching out to professors at the university for getting the queries resolved. This approach will possibly give way to increased levels of interest in learning for the students.

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