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Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids

  • By admin
  • Mar 06, 2019

Parenting style incepts the foundation of healthy growth and development for your child. For parents, it is quintessential to ensure that their style is supporting healthy growth of children because its impact will be a stepping stone in shaping their persona. As per researchers, there are four types of parenting styles and every style offers a different approach to raise children.

Let’s understand these parenting styles in detail and their effects on the children:

  • The Authoritarian Parenting Style: In this style of parenting, parents believe that kids should follow the rules set by them without any exception. Every argument and statement of Authoritarian parents starts from – You must do it because I said so, or I want you to do this. They are highly demanding but not that supportive. Whenever a child questions the reason behind the rule or assigned task, they are least interested in giving a valid answer. They don’t allow kids to get involved in the problem and this behavior sometimes becomes suffocating. They use punishment to force their perceptions and thoughts on kids. Instead of making them understand their mistakes, they make them feel sorry and sometimes miserable.


Effect on kids: Since this parenting style is quite strict, children may grow rebellious or good liars to escape the punishment or argument. Children who grow up with strict authoritarian parents are only focussed to follow rules all time. They often face self-esteem problems because their opinions aren't valued.


  • The Authoritative Parenting Style: This parenting style is usually warm and responsive. Authoritative parents are highly demanding and highly supportive. They do have a clear set of rules, but also take children’s opinions into consideration to understand their feelings. Also, they use positive discipline strategies to reinforce good behavior i.e. encouraging, praising and reward system.This parenting style creates the healthiest environment for a growing child, establishes an effective communication and bridges a productive relationship of parents and children.


Effect on Kids: Kids who have authoritative parents are most likely to become responsible adults in the future. Children raised with this style tend to be happy, successful and can comfortably express their views. They are good decision makers, have good self-esteem and better social skills.


  • The Permissive Parenting Style: This parenting style is lenient, warm and nurturing. Permissive parents are quite forgiving and often seen giving privileges to the child. They set limited or sometimes no rules and allow children to manage their own problems. They are more like a friend to their child than parents. The approach of this style encourages children to talk about their problems with parents. Sometimes, the lack of structure in this parenting style makes children grow up with little self-discipline and self-control.


Effect on Kids: Kids who grow up with permissive parents are more likely to struggle academically, have poor self-discipline, self-control, and social skills. They may exhibit more behavioral problems as they don't appreciate authority and rules.


  • The Uninvolved Parenting Style: In this style of parenting, parents tend to have little knowledge of what their children are upto. Children do not receive much guidance, nurturing and the required parental attention. They don’t invest time in fulfilling the basic needs of the children. They lack knowledge about the children development and are least concerned about their physical and emotional needs.


Effect on Kids: Children with uninvolved parents often struggle with self-esteem issues and have impulsive behavior. They rank low in happiness and live life in a disruptive manner.


In most cases, parents do not fit into just one category. There are times where you find yourself into permissive style and other times you are more into authoritative style. The authoritative parenting style has been considered as the most effective style. To maintain a positive relationship with your child, you can adapt the authoritative parenting style over time and see your child reaping the benefits in the future.