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Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Child

  • By admin
  • Jan 11, 2019

Every generation, be it children or adults, is tangled in the cobweb of technology. It cannot be denied that matching steps with the pace of technology is quintessential for everyone out there but what about those who are too small for all such technology up-gradation? Yes, here the context is about children who are hardly cherishing the real moments of a beautiful world outside of their screens. The striking and glaring innovations in the video games space has not only increased their indoor stay duration but also plummeted down their involvement in outdoor games. It seems like parents are also indirectly boosting up this trend as they want their child to stay safe indoors, but it should also be understood that physical games for kids play a crucial role at their initial stage of development.

Outdoor games not only enhance the overall growth of the children but also accelerate their mental growth. The responsibility of every parent is to encourage their child to take part in outdoor games in every possible way. In addition to this, parents should also try to play games with their children. A great gift of parent’s companionship coupled with outdoor games is needed at this important stage of development.

Here are some of the suggested outdoor games for kids:

1 - Ride scooters/bikes/tricycles.

Parents can always spend a quality time with their children by accompanying them in riding a bicycle or tricycle outside. Teach them how to ride a bicycle and enjoy a racing competition too. You will witness their excitement level and how they are being active outside.

2 – Introduce Colors& Shapes Sidewalk Game

Make your child learn shapes and colors while playing. Draw different shapes on the sidewalk with different colors in a grid pattern. Ask your child to go from one end to the other by stepping on the color or shape you call out to them. Assign points for every correct color or shape that's stepped on. Parents too will have a blast by participating in this game with their child and it will serve both the purposes of playing and learning.

3 - Hide & Seek

Everyone loves playing this game. Parents can also play this game with their kids in a park, since hiding and finding is a common interest of children. The general idea is that one person closes his or her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking and then tries to find the others.

4 - Hopscotch

One of the most traditional yet enjoyable games, that everyone had played in their golden times i.e. childhood. Play it with your children, and witness how their happiness meter is enhancing.

5 - Potato-Sack Race

Hop your way to victory in a sack race! One can play it by using king-sized pillow cases or buy the sacks online. Let your kid step into his/her bag, and tie or hold the top edges up around the waist. Race with them to the finish line by holding the sack up and jumping inside of the bag.

6 - Balloon Stomp

Blow up balloons and tie a string or ribbon on one end of each balloon. To play the game, tie a balloon to one ankle of your child and another balloon to your ankle. Tell the child run around trying to “stomp” or break your balloon while keeping his/her safe from getting popped. The one remaining with a full balloon at last will be winner.

7 - Egg & Spoon Race

Cross the finish line while balancing the egg on a spoon, without dropping the egg. If you have many players, play this game as a relay race. Mark the turning point with a traffic cone, a rope or other object. First team to finish without dropping the egg wins.


These are some of the simple and easy outdoor games that parents can play with their kids. Parents can also set a schedule of which game should be played at what day of the week in order to stay consistent with the entire process.