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  • By admin
  • May 11, 2018

Summers are upon us and school going children can’t be more happy. Kids wait for summer vacations but it becomes a task for parents to keep them engaged when they don’t have school to go to. To stop those “I’m bored” howls, you need practical ideas and activities to keep them occupied and engaged. It’s good to plan ahead so that you have plenty of time to stock up on required items and execute the activities well. Here’s a list of some activities that will help your kids learn new things in an interesting way in this year’s summer vacations.
Cooking Easy Meals
Kids enjoy eating different things but you should also make them learn how to cook some of their favourite dishes. Find recipes according to the difficulty level your kid can handle in his/her age, there are innumerable kid friendly recipes available online. To add more fun, make them act like their favourite chef on the TV and give costumes to them.
Connect Them With Nature
We live in a web of artificially created things. As summer is the best time to explore different things, parents should utilize this time to explore the natural environment with their kids. Depending on your child’s preference, take them to nature-friendly activities like swimming in an actual pond rather than a swimming pool, camping, gardening, hiking, fishing and so on.
Develop Their Creative Side
Stock up on craft supplies and old newspapers and teach your kids to make new things from them. Let them experiment on their own sometimes to develop their creativity. It will be a win-win situation for both of you as it’s time-consuming and your kids will get new items to decorate their room with.
Set Up A Shop For Your Kids
Make your kids learn the art of buying and selling in the easiest possible way. Set up their shop and put some real items on sale to make it more interesting. You can also try the foolproof ‘Lemonade Shop’ idea, where your kids will sell the lemonade they made. Keep play money as the trade currency and your kids will love it!
Scavenger Hunt
This is an activity that’s equally fun to play and create as well. Make your own scavenger hunt cards to give your kids as a clue and scatter them around the house strategically. Reuse the same cards by placing them in a different place so that it doesn’t require much effort to create a new hunt every time. This activity will help your kids in evolving their brainstorming skills.